Drone Asset Inspection

Fast and cost-effective asset inspection using DJI Industrial Class Matrice drones capable of carrying powerful zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras, near infrared and other payloads.

Drones offer a quicker, safer, and more effective inspection method to traditional services such as manual human inspection or helicopter. Drones can also carry out asset inspection above surfaces unsafe for humans such as damaged structures/roofing.

In the examples below two industrial-grade, DJI Matrice drones are used to perform power-line inspections in Western Australia, just north of Perth.

The drones were able to quickly locate and identify each power pole, photograph the identity card, check the pole condition and capture photos for further inspection.

The drones quickly picked up cracked crossbeams and other faults not obvious from the ground with levels of detail good enough to read the serial numbers from the insulation components from 50m away.